Social Distancing Floor Decals

SD Decal.jpg

This social distance floor decal helps to spread public health information to customers in checkout lines in retail stores. Create customer awareness to maintain safety measures required for people to follow while inline or in public spaces. The social distance floor sticker with a strong tack removable backing, allows you to remove the surface sticker at any time without damaging the floor.

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16" x 16"


2 - 50

51 - 100

100 Above


$20 each

$15 each

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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)


Protect yourself and your employees with reusable PPE as you open your door to the public. Comfortable to wear and fits all sizes.

  • Soft and Flexible material with adjustable straps, comfortable to wear without hard plastic edge press against your skin

  • provide a good seal around the face to only breath through the two breathing valves

  • Reusable, Surface can be wash with soap and water or disinfectant wipe, air dry in minutes

  • Works better than cloth mask as it seals around the face, it's easier to clean and filter won't become damp due to constant use

  • Two breathing valves for filter placement, one IN and one OUT

  • Filter can be inserted to the breathing valves for extra protection against dust, allergen and pollution

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